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April 16, 1999

How do I get out of Mt. Moon or how do I get past it? I am STUCK there!!!

Thanks for writing! Here are the directions for getting out of Mt. Moon. When I change a direction, it means you go as far as you can. Example: From the entrance go up (until you hit a wall), then right (until you hit a wall), then up, then right, then up, then left, then down, then left then up, and go down that ladder. Then go down and right and go down that ladder. From that point go down the stairs to your right and up the next set of stairs and continue the only way to go until you reach the scientist next to the fossils. Beat him and you can go up a ladder to exit mount moon. Thanks again,

I would like to know what stores i can get the new theme decks at and where i can get the price guide for how much the pokemon cards are worth.Are their two different aditions.

Right now you can find the theme decks at game stores like Electronics Boutique and Babbages, but they are VERY hard to come by. You may have to put your name on a list and wait weeks for a theme deck. Then again you might get lucky. Next there is a price guide for Pokemon cards in the latest issue of Scrye. The magazine has a Charizard on the cover so look for it at your local bookstore. And finaly there is currently only one series of Pokemon Cards. This series consists of Edition 1 cards and Unlimited Edition cards. It's rather confusing. Look for the next series, Jungle, to appear this summer.

Just thought your old pal my4re shoud pay the Pokemon hotel a call! Can't wait to hear about your Poke-trip! all for now...

Hopefuly I will have the Poketrip up and running next weekend.

And here are the responses to the question of the week:
What is your favorite TYPE of Pokemon?
My favorite type of pokemon is the psychic pokemon (MewTwo is my favorite.)
-R MattsonJr

i have to say electrictity

hi, my answer to your question about my favorite type of Pokémon and my favorite Pokémon are the FIRE type Pokémon. I love fire type Pokémon.
C-ya later,

Jolted (I guess that means electricity)

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