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This is where you'll find acuall stories from the readers and I about Pokemon. If you send me your PokeTale, I'll put it up with the others! Send it to Pokemail@aol.com.

The Newest Pokemon Stories

Our messed up games... By Pikachu09

My friend has the Blue version of Pokémon, and we were gonna trade Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan (Mine was Hitmonlee) but first, I had to teach my friend the MissingNo. code. I told my friend that it would mess up the Pokémon League's Site data, but since he started over and hadn't beat the Elite Four yet, it didn't matter. So he was SURFing up and down the side of Cinnibar Island when somthing very, very unearthy and weird happened. A Pokémon trainer called Chief, who looked like a Scientist, appeared. The music currently playing suddenly changed to a very slow paced form of the music when you face your rival after beating the Elite Four. I was mad. I couldn't find any Chiefs in my game, but I have the Red version, so mabye that's why. Anyways, the Chief had a lv 125 Tentacool, but my friend's Pokémon were the ones who took the beating. I was desperate, and I SURFed and SURFed, but all I found were MissingNo.'s and some other things. My friend didn't want to face another Chief, but he kept SURFing because he haden't found MissingNo. yet. Again, he ran into another Chief, this time armed with something odd at lv. 33. It was a big block of scrambled letters and dots, much different than the usual MissingNo. and it had a name that said: Well, I can't quite describe it, but there was an "M" in it. It was weird, though, because the Chief also had a Flareon, a Lapras, a Tentacool, and some more of those scrambled blocks that were all under lv 40. My friend took them out easily. I still haven't found a Chief in my game yet....
After that, I went to the Pokemon League's Site on the PC. I knew it was messed up I had done the MissingNo. code numerous times and had beat the Elite Four numerous times as well. Suddenly, while I was vewing messed up picutes and names of Pokemon I didn't even use, the music changed to a slow paced form of Pallet Town's music. Oddly enough, I saw another Pokemon that wasn't in the Red and Blue versions, possibly something from Gold and Sliver, but it had a name consisting of letters and numbers. It's sound also was odd. Not like one from the Red and Blue, but again, possibly Gold and Silver. That was an exiting, yet strange day for the both of us.

Pokeman27's Stories

How I got Pokémon... By Pokeman27

I had been waiting about 2 months for my beloved Pokémon game, watching and taping the show every day. During that time I got my buddy Jon just as hyped up about it was me, perhaps more. Finally after actually counting down the seconds until I could get my grubby little nubbies on it, the day came when Pokémon arrived. I still remember that heavenly voice saying: "Hi this is Jen from EB, something something Pokémon is in. Something something blah blah blah." I was a very happy camper. I called my aunt, bribed her to take me to the mall, and we were off. With a quick stop in between at Jon's house to get the money for his copy since he was sick.
I went into the store and stood in line. Every one of the 5 people in line asked about Pokémon. It was scary. I finally got up to the counter and started saying "Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon..." until the clerk shook me and told me to stop. I went on to tell him my name, then Jon's name and threw some money at him (around $100 I think, I don't know I was too excited) I grabbed our pre-ordered games and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I knew that everyone was against me and trying to steal my new blue GB cart from me. After getting into the car I opened the box and inhaled the glorious "new instruction booklet" fumes.
Soon we were at Jon's house and I went up and rang the bell. The door was answered by some slobbering crazy psychopath which I discovered later had been Jon. He grabbed the game and bolted for his pocket Game Boy. I slowly backed away...
Before I knew it we were home and I was jamming the cartridge into my old toaster sized GB with great care. And then... Actually, I don't remember the days after that... All I recall is Pokémon... Sweet sweet Pokémon...

A scary day at school... By Pokeman27

Well, I was sitting in math class, playing Pokémon like usual, when this freaking reject behind me started screeching: "Mr. Substitute! He's got a Gameboy in school! Take it away from him!" The sub immediatly came over and looked at me with one of those teacher looks and to my suprise said: "Hey. Is that Pokémon?" Now, it took all my courage not to run away screaming, but I managed to reply "yes..." and he told me about how he had the blue version and 103 Pokémon and he traded with his son. It was a frightening experiance that I'll never forget. :::Shudder:::

Other Fan's PokéTales

Vickie's Tale

Out of all the people I know, who would have thought my grandparents would have
got me a Game Boy Color and the red version of Pokémon? Not me!
Here's the scoop: On Christmas, we were heading for my grandma's house. I was feeling a bit disappointed because Game Boy Color was the main thing I had hoped for. But I didn't get it. Yet.
Well, I got there, ate dinner, became bored chit-chatting for an hour or three, and finally we were all ready ( You can blame my little brother for not wanting to eat his chicken and green beans) to open our presents.
The first presents were some art supplies such as paper (Which I needed because when I'm in school my three year old sister scribbles on it all and then I have none left for projects and reports) and markers and stuff, but my next one was Pokémon red version. It was weird because I didn't have a Game Boy or anything. It was from my Aunt Suzie and cousin Danny who live in Ohio and only visits about once or twice a year. Maybe she didn't know that I didn't have a Game Boy Color. But you can just guess what my next present was. if you can't ,here's a hint: It was just what I was hoping for but didn't get it until now. If you guessed Game Boy Color you're........................................CORRECT!!!!!!!!
Well let me tell you I just about went insane with happiness! You should have seen the look on my mom's face when I opened the present. Just thrilled. She knew I would be playing it for the next ten years straight. But I really didn't care about one thing at the moment except the fact that it didn't come with batteries and I would have to wait until we got home, which would be at midnight. I could tell.

Kidvidgame's Tale

It was 11:59 on September 27th, the day before the game's release................12:00! I couldn't sleep that night, to excited. At about noon, I went searching for Pokémon. I searched Toys R Us, Target, EB, ect. No one had it. The next day, with my hopes down, I only searched one place, Toys R Us. To my Surprise, they had it! I played for the remainder of they day....wait a second, I played past midnight! My cute little Bulbasaur.........oh! I caught like 30 Pokémon in a couple of hours.....not a bad start! Today, I own 115 Pokémon. My Mewtwo and Venusaur make a great team! My hopes are now high on winning the Nintendo Power Mew contest. Oh! So CYYYYUTE!

Beanie165's Pokétale

My name is Beanie165. This is how I got my pet Pikachu. My,Friend,(I will just call her SK) brang a pet Pikachu to Japanese school. I was so excited! Right then I knew I had to have one. The next month was Dec. so when I got home I began Making an X-mas list. I put down Beanie Babies and other stuff, but I put down Pet Pikachu and Pet Ditto, Pet Squrtle and Pet Bulbasaur. Then I crossed all of them out except Ditto. On Christmas, My aunt and uncle gave me PIkachu, But now JAN 10 1999 , There are Ditto, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu and Squrtle in the Poképets. I still hope to get Ditto...