News for: March 3, 1999

Well today we've got good news and bad news. If you don't like bad news then skip over the next few sentences:

THE BAD NEWS: Nintendo has posted on their Pokemon site that the Gold and Silver versions will have "at least 4 new Pokemon." WAIT A MINUTE! FOUR??? Shouldn't that be more like 40??? While that doesn't mean that there WILL only be four new Pokemon, it's a bit of a low number to post don't you think? We'll have to wait and see what happens...

THE GOOD NEWS: Nintendo has announced a June release of Pokemon Gold and Silver IN JAPAN, and that means we might see the new games by Christmas! Also, Gold/Silver will be compatable with Red/Blue/Yellow and you'll need to trade with the old versions to complete the game.

News for: April 12, 1999

The first expansion of the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game or TCG is on it's way! The Jungle Edition is in the final stages and is set to be released in early July. Look for more info soon in the Pokemon Hotel TCG section.

News for: April 6, 1999

They say that no news it good news. Well, I HAVE news and it's NOT good... Nintendo has announced that it will be delaying not one but TWO of the upcoming Pokemon games. Now the release dates are:
Pokemon Snap (N64) - July 26, 1999
Pokemon Pinball (GB) - June 28, 1999
But I guess they also say every cloud has a silver lining so some good news it the new GameBoy Color colors will now be realeased on May 3, 1999. But we have to wait an extra month each for our new Pokemon games.

News for: March 29, 1999

I just learned that both Pikachu and Jigglypuff will be battling it out in Nintendo's upcoming game Smash Brothers. While Pikachu will be selectable from the start, you'll have to earn Jigglypuff by beating the game straight through. For those who don't know, Smash Bros. is a fighting game starring some of Nintendo's greatest characters. It will be 4-player too.

News for: March 24, 1999

In the mood for some pictures? You better be, because Ign64 posted a bunch of new screen shots for the upcoming Pokemon Snap for N64. The game is set to hit the US on June 28! As you view the great pictures, remember not to drool too much. Thanks Ign64!

Looks like Moltres     A Charmeleon
Why did the Doduo cross the road?      Could that me a poliwag?
An in-your-face slowpoke.     Don't get sea sick...
Poor little Jigglypuff.     Who's that sleeping behind the hill?
Looks like you're lost...     Diglet and Pikachu
In a Power Plant     Look at that Electabuzz!

News for: March 12, 1999

Ever see a 10 foot tall Pikachu? Well get ready because Warner Brothers is bringing the Japanese Pokemon movie to the USA!
The movie broke box office records in Japan last July, and with the growing popularity of Pokemon in the US will probably be a big hit here too. It combines two stories in one and will be brought to stateside theaters hopefully this year. The two episodes the movie contains are:
•Pikachu Summer Vacation
•Mewtwo Strikes Back
When more info comes up check here to find out what's what!