The Gift Shop is where you'll get the info on Pokemon stuff you can buy in the USA. When I can get a picture of the item I'll put it up for you to see. Also included will be my personal opinion on the items and a rating of 1 to 5 Pokeballs. The way the rating system works is as follows:

1 Pokeball = Bad, Yuk, No way
2 Pokeballs = Not that good
3 Pokeballs = Average
4 Pokeballs = Good indeed

The Official Pokemon Players Guide:

Description: This official guide to Pokemon (Red + Blue) for GameBoy contains maps, a walkthrough, pictures, stats, and 150 mini stickers.
Opinion: For as long as I can remember I have been against using guides, it takes the fun out of the game. But I do have this one and use it more than any other I've ever had. It's a great book but let me suggest you buy it AFTER you beat the game one time through. You'll still use it and the game will still be fun.

Pokemon Bean Bag Characters:

Description: Nintendo and KFC paired up to bring Pokefans four exclusive bean bag Pokemon. They were Dratini, Zubat, Seel, and Vulpix. They are sadly no longer available as that promotion is over.
Opinion: And collector or kid who loves Pokemon will enjoy these four little guys. Whether to play with or display, they're a great promotion. I have my own set resting on top of my TV.

Pokemon Trading Card Game:

Description: A card game, by the creators of Magic, that as of now has 102 cards in all. There are starter decks and booster packs in stores now and in a few days there will be expansion decks as well. Another edition of cards is set to follow.
Opinion: If you enjoy card games like Magic, pick up these. Pokemon is also a good starter for people who think Magic is too complicated. It's a great game and very easy to learn. (Reading skills definatly required...)