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Pokemon - Red and Blue Versions
Compatible with:
Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Super Gameboy,
and Gameboy Color

The first Pokemon game released in the USA has two versions. Both the Red and Blue versions of this Pokemon game are the same game, but each has 11 distict Pokemon and are sold seperately. These 11 Pokemon could be caught only in one of the two versions. This is the game that paved the way for Pokemon in the U.S.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, you assume the role of a young trainer from the town of Pallet. At the start, the local expert on Pokemon, Professor Oak gives you your first Pokemon. Your rival, the Prof.'s grandson also recieves one and so your quest to become a Pokemon Master begins!

You must defeat 8 gym leaders to earn 8 badges. These badges have a special ability and together give you access to the Pokemon League. If you beat the top trainers of the League, known as the "Elite 4" you can become the world's greatest Pokemon Master....... or can you?

I absolutly loved this game from the first time I played it. It involves just the right amount of adventure, strategy and RPG elements. Pokemon is a definate must have for any Gameboy owner. I would suggest it without a shadow of a doubt. Reading skills required.