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Pokemon Snap


Assuming the role of young Tooru, you set out to help Proffesor Oak file a Pokemon Report. While riding in a special vehicle, you tour Pokemon Island and take pictures of all sorts of different Pokemon.


The better the picture you get, the more points you recieve. In the begining you are armed only with your trusty camera and 60 shots. Later on, you'll get food to lure out Pokemon and also rocks to toss. The objective is not to catch the Pokemon but take the best picture you can. The picture your mainly looking for is a good shot of Mew.


I got a chance to play this game while in Philly for the Pokemon Tour. It is needless to say VERY ODD. But despite it's weird objective the game is a lot of fun. The one thing you need to remember is the best picture comes to those who wait. In other words, if you like fast paced games then Pokemon Snap may not be for you. Rent it and give it a try. You might fall in love with it as I did. Must... get... game... day... it... comes... out...


Currently set for late July 24 through the 30
This date MAY change!