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Pokemon Snap is set to hit the USA on July 26 1999. For all you veteran gamers out there you and I both know that means it'll be here July 27!

Pokemon Snap is a one of a kind game. In it, you are the character Todd, and have to take pictures on a special island where Pokemon roam free. Proffesor Oak is there to grade your pictures and give you points for them based on how good they look. As of right now I don't know what Points will be used for, if anything.

While this game may seem dull it should be interesting to see just how good a shot you can get of a favorite Pokemon. One setback, besides the games length is that there are only 63 of the 151 Pokemon out there now. Mew is most definalty one of them, with an entire stage just for him.

Sporting 6 beautiful levels from seaside to a volcano's edge, Pokemon Snap will definalty be an experiance like no other. Check back here in a few days to get my Impressions of Pokemon Snap.

Here are some screen shots from IGN64. Thanks IGN!

Looks like Moltres     A Charmeleon
Why did the Doduo cross the road?      Could that me a poliwag?
An in-your-face slowpoke.     Don't get sea sick...
Poor little Jigglypuff.     Who's that sleeping behind the hill?
Looks like you're lost...     Diglet and Pikachu
In a Power Plant     Look at that Electabuzz!

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