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March 12, 1999

Look a little different?
It had better, because it wasn't all fun and games redoing the stupid site AGAIN. Ah well, this one is here to stay. Talk about a huge update! Well, here goes:
First, obviously, I redid the entire site so that it's easier to get around. The info on the pages is the same though, just a different look.
Next, I added a new section as you can see if you look at the side. It's a coloring section. Check it out!
Also, I've got some great news for you.
And finaly, I've decided that the way it's going to work from now on is this: Every monday is a new poll. Every wednesday is a new picture to color. And of course every friday is a new Pokemail. Don't get me wrong though, there'll still be other updates along with those, but that's the new system. See you monday!